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Jelly Masks

What do they do? Do they hurt to take off? How much does that cost?

Hydro jelly masks work by creating a sealed barrier on the skin allowing for a deeper penetration of product. Depending on your personal skin needs, we preface with what is called “skin balancing” and/or a serum. So, what is skin balancing? Well, skin balancing is the restoration of the epidermal lipid barrier through effloraging a thin oil and water into the decolletage and face using pressure point and lifting massage techniques. They do not hurt to take off, as they don’t firmly attach to hair on the face including brows or eyelashes. Completely painless! You can experience our hydro jelly masks in a facial upon request or suggestion by your esthetician for an add on of only $5. This specific one pictured is our Egyptian rose mask for calming redness and inflammation in the skin. Altogether we have 6 esthemax professional masks products which include:
 ⁃    Spot diminishing ALA (to be used with blue light therapy) treating acne scars, and enlarged pores, and works with the blue light to shrink sebaceous glands.
 ⁃    Phytonutrients blast which is fortifying, restoring, and nourishing for fine lines, dry skin, or inflammation
 ⁃    Purifying activated charcoal for acne prone skin types and excessively oily conditions
 ⁃    Hyluronic acid for crepey texture, fine lines and wrinkles from skin dehydration, and for acne prone skin to promote healing
 ⁃    Brightening complex for sun damaged skin ie freckles, sun spots, and age spots


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