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Guest Blogger: Brittany Hulin

My favorite swimsuits for 2019

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During the summer months, all I really want to do is live in a bikini. So, a comfortable swimsuit is essential for me. Prices are not so much a concern for me when it comes to a quality bikini. I do give myself a limit though! These are 4 of my favorite swimsuits so far this summer (I say ”so far” because I’ll most likely end up with more lol).

Luna Claire’s swimsuits are hands down the most comfortable swimsuits I have ever put on and I’m not exaggerating. They are super soft — I could sleep in them.

One thing that I really love about the brand that they carry is that the bottoms fit snug without being so tight that it irritates your bikini line. That’s something that I am super picky about when buying a new swimsuit. How do the bottoms fit? Because let’s face it ladies, we don’t get waxed for nothing! So, if a bikini bottom is going to irritate my bikini line, it’s a no for me.

Not only do they have super cute swimsuits, but they also have really cute jewelry to accessorize with. I am extra so I have to have jewelry on whenever I am poolside and on the beach. Everything that I am wearing accessory wise is from Luna Claire's as well. They also sell Buddha girl bangles, of which I have. I just do not have them in any of these photos.


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These are just a few of the super cute swimsuits that Luna Claire's carries. Head over to their website or instagram to view more!