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Fresh Face Duo

Fresh Face Duo -
brow wax & tint paired with a lash lift & tint

Want to be able to just hop out of bed and go?

These two services together can cut at least 30 minutes out of your routine! Many people don’t feel the need to fill in their brows or apply mascara in the mornings after a lash lift and brow wax & tint.

We all know what a brow wax is... but what is a brow tint? It’s not the same as micro blading, which is something we get asked often. It is simply the process of dying the finer hairs in the brow making them appear fuller. If you just went a darker shade with your hair, we can match your brows to that new color. No needles or blades involved. This process takes about 15 minutes and lasts 3-5 weeks and can be tacked onto a brow wax for a total of $35 for both services.

Lash lifting takes about 45 minutes and will last anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Lash lifting is the process of perming your lashes into a lifted position and then dying them black or brown depending on your preference. This completely takes a lash curler out of the equation, and for some people mascara too.
Anyone can get a lash lift and tint even if your lashes are very short. Speaking of short lashes, we highly recommend the use of the Ultimate Babelash serum that will grow and nourish your lashes in between lifts. This service combo is one of our most popular because of the immediate results and lasting effect.

Lash lift & tints are $75 and you can book with us via Facebook, instagram, or calling!                      

Carencro at 337-520-2226 or Ville Platte at 337-363-2414.